get money via internet.


nowdays people always think bout money. so do i . oopss..
but how can we get money for simple way ?'

i got the solution. come from my upliner eka .

Hit$4pay is the way .. that website advtising via email ..
every email that come to our account, we just have to click and for that we already get $0.02 .
and for the first registration, hits$4pay give we $10.0 bonus .
try to imagine ..
if every day we get 5 advrtsing,
for month = $0.02 x 5 ads x 30 days = $3
for years = $3 x 12 month = $36
pretty much i think . is'nt it ?'
i know there is alot advtising promise a lot of money !! more than hit$4pay .
but i think, that is just bull shit .

if we can find someone who want to join (downliner) , of course we get bonus for it .
one people join for our downliner, we get $0.01. via our referral link that send from hit$4pay to our yahoo mail.

for the clearly information ..
i give you this F.A.Q from hit$4pay :
1. Direct Earnings: Earn $0.02 for each validated email that you read
2. Second Level: Earn $0.01 for each validated email that your direct referrals read.
3. Third Level: Earn $0.01 from each validated email that your direct referral’s referral reads.
Please be aware that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. We simply share the ad-revenue generated with our members. The more people that you refer to Hits4Pay program, the more your earnings.

intersting ?'
here is the step..

first, you must have email adress .

second, click this Image Hosted by

third, go to your email and confirm your email addres subscription.

fourth, be patient cause hit$4pay must approve your apply first. but that only take 1 or 2 days .

if your account has applied by hit$4pay.
you can start publish your referral link to get downliner and
you must always cek our inbox at hit$4pay .. click the message .. wait .. untill that website open a new window .. and there is show :
our Account has been Credited $0,02 for viewing this Ad!"
you can get your money if your account reach $25 from a lot of bank especially BCA indonesia .

come join as soon .. click this picture bellow.
Image Hosted by

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wah wah wah patut dicoba ini. wkwkwk. ;p. nanti nyoba ahh... hhe

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hai..salam kenal..tukeran link yuk banner kamu udah tak pasang...

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Succes always sukses dengan amal agama