Peter Answer trick

for my kostmate ..

i am really sorry for you all guys.. you know i am a little bit naughty for a while.
hehehe .. i like to see you scared last night .. that is why i continued cheating you .

'peter answer' .. this site is not for calling spirit from hell and satan or anything .
this site use the "AJAX SYSTEM" that system can store all data user. and user can call the data back . hehehe ..
that is technology friend ..
oh come on .. we are IT support .. so have fun for it ..!!

come to my room again .
and we will cheat the new guy who doesnt know bout that site ..
i want to share my happines for u all ..
here is the clue .

First .
Instead of typing "Peter, please answer the following question:" or "Peter, please answer:" start off your petition with a period followed by the answer you're looking for. For example, if you intend to ask "what are you think about AJ?" then in the petition box you would type

[.]AJ is a cool guy[.] er: === that sentences contain 18 word.
Peter, please answer: === the red word is hidden . because of [.] dot in the begining of petition.

so [.] dot is the clue .. hehe .. [.] is use for storing data.

second .
if you finish to store data. you can start write the question that you thingking before .. hehe.

"what are you thingking about AJ [?] "
in this system , [?] question mark is use for display the store data ..
so data that you store before .. appear under of your question ..

Image Hosted by

get it ?' understand ?'
so try it buddy .. set some fun ..

for your information ...
i am salute for you all my kostmate ..
you still believe in god .. salute salute .

so who is the actoor ??' ME .. you've got punked.
forgive me . Image Hosted by

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Lintas mengatakan...

maaf jika isi pesan berikut mengganggu aktivitas kamu.. apa kamu mau blog kamu terkenal?aku cuma mau kasih tau aja, ada sebuah situs social bookmarking yang berisi kumpulan berita-berita menarik yang paling update diseluruh indonesia,dan memang situs ini berbasis bahasa indonesia... klo nggak keberatan tolong cek situs ini yah.. semoga bermanfaat..


coba di share aja semua tulisan km di situs itu ,mudah2an bisa membantu naikkan traffic blog ini ,keep up the good post ok.. btw.. ever thought bout adding lintasberita's widget?? cek disini aja yah


thanks.... sory klo keliatannya spamming.. but seriously... im just helping you out here...

Ekyn mengatakan...

aku dh cuba..erk..agak cuak gak laa memula tuh