mac , mac and mac

hello guys.
sometime if i posting with different languages, i am really sorry that i force my such english language. for that i want you to correct my language . oke.

now .. in a brigthness day. i wanna review my stuff.

my first mac, macbook white with blanket of black case.
The MacBook is a Macintosh notebook computer by Apple Inc.

i buy it 5 months ago when i started new life in an university ( BINUS University )
it helpful for me. to doing task , set my schedule, looking some fun ecspecially for entertainment.

the design is very simple. it makes me comfort to bring my macbook wherever i will go. the weight its just 2.27 kg.

the display was awesome with 13.3 - inch glossy display with 1280 x 800 pixel resolution.. make your eye enjoy to design, playing games, surfing internet all day.
thanks to the display,

talking about processor, macbook use Intel Core 2 Duo (T7200 / T7400) 2.0 GHz . wow . i don't know what the meaning of that. but i know that processor makes macbook proccess data more quickly. in fact, i never took long time for much application.

with 120 GB you can doing a lot of project in this macbook. 1 GB = 1024 MB and 1 MB = 1024 kb .. isn't it ?' hehe .. they called it hard drive.

one of my interest in macbook were Isight camera. Look closely. See that little lens in the display bezel? That’s the built-in iSight camera. i always laught when i start taking photos. because macbook have application that can make 18 fun effect. beacuse my OS already Leopard, application has added new features. lets talk about that later. on my posting later. ok.

look for the website if you want to see more ..
and if you are indonesian, there is a communy they called it macclubindonesia ,
there you can find a lot of tips n trick when you use macbook in all type.

ohh .. i love my macbook.
i cant sleep without shutdown my macbook.
i cant go to campus before i look at schedule on safari in my macbook. *to see the schedule.
i cant singing before i click Itunes..
and i cant see me before i click photobooth.
hehe .

and look i bring my macbook everywhere ..
Free Image Hosting at

i guess, i have to give my macbook name.
uhhmm .. do you have an idea ?'
brendaa ?' jenny ?' Lisaa ?' or Bambang ?'
i wait for ur comment dude..

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cyndy mengatakan...

huhuhu.. jealous nih.. pengen punya macbook!! huhuhu... btw, bulu di paha lo lebat amir yah. huahuahuahuahua..

frayalltime mengatakan...

wah cin ciin .. parah kamuuw.. hehe.
emang lebaat .. x(

.::KuPu@KeCiL::. mengatakan...

hihihi...kaci nama kupukupukecil aja dech keqna manies namana ..khikhikhikhi :">

Monica Christy mengatakan...

aaargggh aj...iriiii gw dengan macbook lo...telat tw gw kalo ternyata harga macbook tu ga bda jauh ma laptop gw sekarang yg harganya dah turun drastis..matah d

taradise mengatakan...

my first time visit ur blog :)
hahahah. yeh, love macbook so much !!!