miss you.

hey dad .. hey mom ..
hey my sister .. i miss you all ..
5 moths again .. lets we took a holiday .. hehe.
i will give u all my best in here .. i dont want to disapoint u all ..

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look at that . ah .. miss you mom .. dont ever eat chocolate to much again..
keep ur health.

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hey .. they are the best couple in the world .. georgeus.
stay stick togehter yhaa ..
hey you big old guy .. hehe. u always make me smile. so keep ur jokes for me dad ..

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for my sister. go and goodluck for ur final exam.
hope u finish university soon ..

hiks hikss . i dont have my full family pic. so i will uplod it later..

anw .. started now, i will post my topic using english ..
no matter what and no matter how .. hehe. *maksain banget yha ?'
just want to practice .. i dont want lose with my sister ..

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cyndy mengatakan...

sip sip. keep practicing english je! me also practicing tho a lot of mistaken in grammar. huahuahau. hajar teroz englishnya..