place to live and place to life ..

we know all the people in this era .
want evrything to be simple . they all want to do much thing for a little time ..
like smoking when they swimming ..
or singing loudly when they have breakfast
and study when they making love .. oops .. (joke side) haha.

in the serious way,
most of people have to do a lot of work .. with a dead line surround them ...
so they usually forgot for "eat" ..

now . i want to give my informtion for you all ..
there is the place that i live in ..
which is simple to go everywhere .. and super comfortable ..
Pondok Super Bandeng . Kebon Jeruk Raya street no.3
there is the place we can live and life ..

place to live = home;
place to life = restaurant;
hehhehehe ...

those place ( pondok super bandeng ),
part of 2 building ..
first ..
in front, we can see a shop full of food and drink .. the price is normal ..
i promise you will get serve with a friendly and kindly employee ..
especially the cashier .. (heny kasir) hahaha ..
pondok super bandeng has a high quality of bandeng which is the best priority in this shop!
there was 2 type of bandeng ..

1. Bandeng presto. it rare. you must cook it a little bit before eat that.
not simple but. if you want take bandeng for long time. you must
bring this one . because it can survive for 3 days !!

2. Bandeng gorend . it very simple .. you just have to open the plastic then open your mouth, fill it with bandeng .. hehe .. price depend on heavy . less than 15 thousand rupiahs. cheap. is'n it ?
it completed with "sambal" or sauces which is quiet spicy ...
make bandeng look so hot .. x)


behind the shop building ..
you will find place to live .. seems like an apartment ..
but a little down class .. hehe ..
quite comfortable .. this place that i live .. i love this place.
but if you want join stay n live on this aprtment. you must wait.
cause it full. each neighboor were very kind . i like it. we all just like family here.

well .. its all about my life in jakarta .. i am not feel alone ..
thx all ..

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